A Fine-Dining Experience of Authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean Cuisine. 

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All meats are organic and Halal.
All vegetables are organic.


Taktouka                                               $7
Roasted green peppers and tomatoes, flavored with virgin olive oil and chef's special blend of Moroccan spices.

Falafel                                         $14
Falafel on a bed of hummus with tomato salad and grilled soft pita.

Zaalouk                                                  $7
Grilled eggplant and tomatoes with olive oil, hand-ground cumin, paprika, and garlic.

Mezza Marokko                         $14 (1 per)/$18 (2 ppl)
Combination platter of taktuka, zaahluk, spicy carrots, roasted beet salad, stuffed grape leaves, and marinated olives wtih grilled soft pita.

Stuffed Grape Leaves                   $7
Rice, fresh dill, mint, za'atar, and lemon.

Mezza Mediterranean            $14 (1 per)/$18 (2 ppl)
Baba ganoush, hummus, muhamara, tabouleh, labna, and marinated olives with grilled soft pita.  

Mini Chicken Bastilla                   $9
Chicken* and scrambled eggs in herb sauce with roasted almonds, layered and wrapped in phyllo. 

Shrimp Pil Pil                                 $9 (sm)/$18 (lg)
Fresh Gulf shrimp, garlic, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and chef's blend of Moroccan spices.

Zitoun                                                   $7
House-made marinated olives in chef's blend of herbs and citrus. 

Middle Eastern Hummus       $6

Labna                                                    $5
Yogurt, garlic confit, za'atar, and mint.

Baba Ghanouj                               $6
Eggplant tahini spread /dip.

*Organic and Halal.


Chorba Vegetable a la Morokko      $6
Diced carrots in herbed vegetable stock with chef's blend of Moroccan spices.

Moroccan Loubia                      $7
White beans stewed in broth with zesty tomatoes, herbs, and spices.

Red Lentil                                                       $7
Mirepoix & lentils in herbed vegetable stock with chef's blend of Moroccan spices.

Harira                                              $7
Traditional Moroccan soup with lamb,* tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, herbs, and chef's blend of Moroccan spices.

*Organic and Halal.


Mediterranean  Salad          $14
Freshly diced tomatoes, hummus, baba ghanoush, roasted vegetables, feta, Kalamata olives, and yogurt wtih chives atop mesclun greens with housemade tortilla chips.

Marokko Salad                                 $14
Marinated grilled chicken breast* with fresh strawberries, pistachios, tomatoes, and red onions on a bed of mesclun greens.

Caesar Salad                               $14
Romaine leaves, housemade croutons, with freshly-shaved parmesan. Available with grilled chicken* or with grilled shrimp.

Mandarin Salad                              $14
Spinach leaves topped with fresh mandarin orange segments, red onion, avocado, and almonds, served with Mandarin vinaigrette.

Greek Salad                                $14
Cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, peppers, and feta cheese served with vinaigrette.  

Argula Pear Salad                         $14
Arugula, pear, red onion, feta, walnut, and house dressing

*Organic and Halal.


Tajine Marrakesh                     $22
Slow-braised chicken* with saffron, lemon confit, and Moroccan green olives, served with soft grilled pita and bata maqli (housemade fries).

Tajine Berber                                     $29
Lamb* stewed with vegetables and potatoes, seasoned in a chef's blend of Moroccan spices.
Tajine Fes                                     $26
Chicken* marinated in chef's blend of Moroccan spices, slow-simmered in delicately flavored broth with caramelized onions and raisins, and served over couscous.

Tajine Tangier                                     $32
Chermoula herb-spiced wild-caught Pacific King salmon and fresh tomatoes, simmered with vegetables and served on a bed of couscous.
Tajine Casablanca                  $28
Slow-braised beef*, delicately flavored and served with prunes, sesame, and almonds, and served with pita or couscous.

Tajine Agadir                                       $17
Vegetables in Chermoula herb sauce over couscous.
Kefta Mkaouara                     $20
Beef* and lamb* meatballs in a spiced tomato sauce, topped with poached eggs and a side of soft grilled pita.

Lamb Shank                                          $34
Braised lamb shank* in chef's Moroccan spices and herbs, with apricots and raisins, served with Morokko's roasted potatoes.

Bastilla                                          $22
Chicken* and scrambled eggs in a flavorful herb sauce with roasted almonds, layered and wrapped in a thin layer of pastry dough with a garnish of cinnamon and powered sugar ~ a true Moroccan delicacy!

*Organic and Halal.

All kebab entrees are served on a bed of saffron rice with Moroccan vegetables and house salad.

Chicken Kebab                                       $16
Two skewers of marinated grilled chicken*.

Kefta Kebab                                             $20
Marinated ground beef* and lamb* meatballs, mixed with a hint of mint, then grilled.

Beef Kebab                                                $18
Two skewers of marinated grilled beef*.

Salmon Kebab                                        $20
Fresh Wild Pacific King salmon, marinated in spices and dill, then grilled.

Chicken, Beef, and Kefta Mix         $20
One skewer each of chicken*, beef*, and kefta*.
Add vegetable               $4
Add couscous                $4
Add pita                            $2.75
Add saffron rice           $3
Add caramelized         $4
           onions and

*Organic and Halal.


Baklava                                                       $4.50
Layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped walnuts, sweetened with honey.

Fruzi                                                                  $5
Fruit sorbet made with 100% organic fruit, no sugar added.

Moroccan Chocolate Cake              $6
Chocolate cake with hints of coffee and cinnamon, with a light chocolate buttercream icing. 

Creme Brulee                                             $7
Rich and creamy vanilla bean custard, topped with a layer of hard caramel. 

Chef's Tres Leches Cake                    $6
Light and fluffy traditional Moroccan cake, soaked in four types of milk.

Mousse au Chocolat                              $4.50
Classically French, creamy chocolate mousse.


Cold from the Fountain                       $2.25
Nestea (sweetened)

Americano        $3                         Latte                   $4
Espresso            $2.85                  Cappuccino    $4
Cafe Au Lait     $4                         Mocha               $4
Macchiato         $4                         Chai Latte       $4

Cold from the Bottle                               $2.25
San Pellegrino (mineral water)
Iced Tea (black, brewed fresh, unsweetened)

Moroccan Tea                            $6/pot
Traditional, freshly brewed gunpowder green tea, served hot or iced with Narnar (fresh mint leaves).

Handcrafted Tea                       $2.75
Choose from a selection of 100% organic teas.

Cold Specialty
Fresh Narnar Lemonade                    $3
Made inhouse daily with fresh mint leaves added

Hot Specialty
Gourmet Hot Chocolate       $4


Tropical                                                         $6.50
Banana, strawberry, pineapple, and mango.

Green Boost                                              $6.50
Spinach, pineapple, mango, and apple juice.
Bluenana                                                      $6.50
Banana and blueberry with soy or almond milk and peanut butter. 


Marokko's House Juice                     $4.50
Beet, orange, pomegrante, and orange blossom.

Marokko's Healthy Start                     $4.50
Orange, carrot, celery, and parsley.
Marokko's Energizer                         $6.50
Carrot, beet, parsley, and ginger.  

Taste of Tangier                                         $6
Avocado, banana, pistachio, and almond milk.